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Please complete this form to send your question and receive a free advice of our lawyers.

Considering the specialization of Lex Marine Law Office please note that we consult on the questions related with the maritime law and international trade law.

Time required for advising you depends on the difficulty of your question and the lawyers’ work load at the moment. However, we guarantee that our advice will be rendered to you within the shortest term.

Your question shall describe the problem in detail so that we could appraise it objectively and provide you with an elaborate and exhaustive reply.

Unfortunately, online consultation is just an “extreme” measure that cannot always save you from the need to apply for the adequate legal aid in cases where you have to deal with a really difficult problem. Each case has its own peculiarities, insufficient at the first sight, but very significant from the view point of law. To resolve a complicated matter, the specialist must carefully study all the materials (documents) relating to it and only afterwards he will be able to render competent legal assistance.