Maritime and international law


Right of the master of a seagoing vessel to have an interpreter in cases of administrative liability for violation of Ukrainian legislation

It is widely known that the master of a seagoing vessel is responsible for almost everything that happens in connection with operation of his vessel. In case of violation of customs rules on board the vessel, navigation safety regulations or rules on protection of marine environment on the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities will attempt to impose administrative liability on the master of such vessel, unless such acts are classified as a criminal offence. In such cases the master will have to deal with representatives of various Ukrainian authorities depending…

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Compensation of damages related with wrongful arrest and detention of ships in Ukraine

There are numerous articles devoted to the procedure and problems related to arrest of ships in Ukraine, but the question of indemnification of damages which may be caused to Owners (beneficial owner, bareboat or time charterer) in connection with arrest or detention of their vessel has not been thoroughly covered yet. This article focuses on the main aspects that must be considered by the Owners, who decided to bring to Ukrainian court their claim for recovery of damages caused by a wrongful arrest or detention of their vessel on the…

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The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2013 – Ukrainian Chapter

This article was published in edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2013, published by Global Legal  Group   Ltd., London. You may download its PDF version.   1 Marine Casualty    1.1       In the event of a collision, grounding or other major casualty, what are the key provisions that will impact upon     the liability and response of interested parties? In particular, the relevant law / conventions in force in relation to:  i)          Collision Chapter 3 of Section IX of the Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine…

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