Maritime and international law

Dispute resolution

We can help you resolve business disputes through negotiation, arbitration or litigation. Our aim is to achieve resolution quickly and efficiently and to minimise the impact of a dispute on your day-to-day operations.

Decisions over whether to go to court or seek early settlement are crucial. Our professional experience gives us a possibility to define the risks of your situation and find optimal routes for its solution.

Where possible, we try to settle disputes without recourse to legal proceedings. However, when this is unavoidable, we will do our best for successful defence of your interests in a court or tribunal. 

We represent our clients’ interests in all Ukrainian courts – both in Odessa region and elsewhere in Ukraine.

We are also experienced in both domestic (MAC at the UCCI, ICAC at the UCCI) and international arbitration (GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA, etc ). 

Not all of your disputes will be contractual. Some of them may be related to accidents as well as actions of local authorities (customs, port authorities, ecological inspection, etc.). In such cases, you may require legal assistance of our specialists. 

We can also help you successfully handle issues regarding recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements and awards on the territory of Ukraine.